Company Profile

As the media landscape is forever evolving, the demand for high-impact communication rises to new levels. I would like to take the opportunity to introduce AM Creative Group, a high impact and dynamic company specializing in visual communications solutions.   At the helm of our vision lies an unparallel team of veterans, each with several years of industry experience and a diverse foundation of skills and knowledge. 

The management of AM Creative Group comprises of over thirty years cumulative experience in advertising, project management, strategic performance management, graphic design, marketing, printing technologies, print collateral communication, and image consulting.

AM Creative Group is driven by a culture of partnering with our clients to provide effective visual communication solutions to ensure that your corporate image/brand identity remains pre-eminent in the minds of your customers, ensuring you get the maximum return on your investment.

We invite you to review our corporate profile to appreciate a sample of the range and scope of our solutions, and encourage you to avail your organization of the opportunity to stand out and reach your target, as today’s consumers are inundated by visual iconography on a daily basis, where the need for memorable brand identity is greater than ever.

The answer to your visual communication, AM Creative Group….
Total Visual Communications (Influence audiences and position your brand for success.
Conceptualise. Visualise. Customise….we do it

Our Philosophy

Creativity, Professionalism and integrity are the hallmarks of  AM Creative’s philosophy. This philosophy is rooted in the creation of custom fit solutions tailored to match the specific requirements of our clients. We mirror the “designer shop” concept in ensuring at all times that the needs of the client are always primary to ensure that they in turn can deliver high quality to their customers.   At AM Creative Group we take the time to understand our client’s value chain and seek to add the requisite value to this process. We therefore consider ourselves to be partners in our clients business as their corporate branding success is directly related to the quality and caliber of our visual communications solutions.

Environmental Statement of Commitment

Did you know that one large tree can provide a days oxygen for up to four people?

All of our operating standards have a focus on environmental effects. The environment and more specifically global climate change is the number one issue in the world today, we at Artefex are committed to playing our part in defense of the environment to ensure sustainable management of the worlds resources and reduction in the levels and effects of our own “carbon footprint”. In this regard we aim to minimize our use of non-renewable resources and man-made substances that don’t breakdown in nature, reduce our impact on the environment with particular attention to waste minimization, and ensure what we purchase and produce in such a way that minimizes any social impact.

We take this degree of sensitivity into our approach with our clients by sensitizing them to healthy environmental practices not just at the workplace but also positioning their campaigns to reflect where necessary, attention to the environment and demonstration of its commitment to environmentally friendly practices.